About Us

East Road Pets Ltd

Welcome to our pet store, a family business established in 1989.

We are located at:
68 East Road
(Just 200m past the Ascot Park Hotel on the main highway)

Contact us by phone: (03) 2173208 or email: east.road.pets@xtra.co.nz

Opening Hours

Open 7 days.

Please note: Hours may change due to COVID Traffic Light Restrictions, any changes and/or updates will be pinned to our facebook page.


History Of East Road Pets Ltd

East Road Pets LTD is a family-owned business opened by Daryl and Liz MacAskill in 1989. Currently, the shop and grounds cover one acre and has a large variety of privately-owned animals on display to the public: 42 aviaries of exotic parrots, chinchillas, rabbits, guinea-pigs and not to forget New Zealand’s southern-most Reptile house, which contains a large selection of reptiles such as, Red-eared Slider Turtles, Snake-neck Turtles, Blue-tongue lizards, Water Dragons, Australian Painted Turtles, Leopard Geckos, Tortoises, Bearded Dragons, Reeves Turtles plus others.

Daryl and Liz not only run the shop and grounds at East Road Pets, but they also breed many of the animals that are for sale and on display to the public. “Pets are a huge part of our lives; they are like children to us”. Daryl and Liz have been involved in the pet industry for over 44 years. Liz is the third generation of her family to be involved with pets and breeding of animals, while Daryl is the second generation in his family to do so. They have four daughters who all help out with the business and with four granddaughters who knows, it may be 5 generations soon.


All staff members have a wide knowledge about pets and all areas of pet care. Many have completed level 5 certificates through Mahurangi Technical institute that cover pets and all aspects of pet care for the following: Retail, Cats, Dogs, Small Animals, Birds, Aquatics, Advanced Aquatics and Reptiles.

Liz has an extensive knowledge about pets and all areas of pet care and she was one of the first people in New Zealand to complete all of the above qualifications. Liz specializes in hand-feeding parrots, which make great pets. 

Caroline and Vee have additional qualifications in Animal Micro-chipping.

Daryl assists with day to day maintenance, and specialises in manufacturing a large number of products that are available for sale, such as bird breeding boxes and custom aquariums. 


Buster is a blue and gold Macaw and was born in 1999 in New Zealand.
Unfortunately he can't fly due to falling out of his nest and breaking his wing when young.
Liz and Daryl adopted him at a young age and he has his own room in their house with a big window so the public can talk to him when they visit (he however is quite picky as to who he talks back to).