Puppy School

Zeke - Puppy Pre-School Graduate


Classes aim to create a partnership between you and your puppy.

Through a 6 week course we socialize your puppy and help provide you with the skills and understanding needed to train and guide your puppy using gentle persuasion based on kindness, respect and compassion.

Dogs learn from consequences of their actions and respond best to positive rewarding environments and teachers. (We teach lure/reward training). It helps you to work constructively with your dog to expand their training and skills in a relaxed and calm setting.

Basic principles combined with simple training techniques will help your dog to learn quickly and love commands. While they are learning this you will begin to gain verbal control over their behaviour.

The spoken word is full of power; part of this power is based in the silence between and after the spoken word. Early socialisation, training and owner education is designed to give puppies a head start in life. Many behavioural problems we see in dogs can be attributed to isolation and inadequate training in the critical early stages of their lives; we aim to educate owners in all aspects of puppy behaviour, training and raising a puppy to establish a close bond between puppies and owners while also having lots of fun.

The course runs for one night a week from 6pm to 7pm for six weeks.

Puppies ranging from eight to 20 weeks old.

Classes cover:

  • Vaccinations, worming, flea treatments, micro-chipping and de-sexing.
  • Health care.
  • Nutrition.
  • Prevention and control of behavioural issues.
  • Socialisation and play.
  • The meaning of commands.
  • How to communicate with your dog.
  • How to teach your dog to understand commands.
  • Walking behind or at your side without switching.
  • Walking on a loose lead.
  • Recall – Dog learns to return to you from a distance.
  • Distance commands – Dog learns to obey commands from afar.
  • Stay, Stop

Any other information or questions you may require can be answered during classes.


Joan is a nationally qualified veterinary nurse and has had more than 10 years training and racing experience with Siberian huskies, her dogs hold course records and have been successful in many races. She has completed Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia courses including animal behaviour as part of her continued professional development (CPD) as an animal health professional, Joan specialises in animal behaviour and nutrition. She is also a qualified tutor with years of experience designing courses and tutoring at a tertiary level. Joan Berg has many qualifications including a bachelor with honours in applied sciences in animal studies, other qualifications include diploma Animal Behaviour from Melbourne University, Certificate Animal Behaviour from Massey University.


See any of the staff in store at East Road Pets, via phone: 03 217 3208 or email: east.road.pets@xtra.co.nz and they will be happy to book you and puppy into one of our classes. If a young family member wants to attend just let the staff know, we welcome 3 people with puppy (children over age 7). In the case of larger breeds or dogs with aggression the tutor may wish to meet them first to address his/her suitability for the class.

Puppy School is proudly supported by Nutrience