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Multi function 4 way lead

Soft touch webbing with reflective stitching

1- 180cm lead
2- 100cm lead
3- 75cm lead
4- Emergency Check collar or temporary tether

25mm x 180cm

4 Functions in one leash!
The Ultimate in versatility - For whatever application you need a dog leash for, the Vario 4 Multi Function Leash has it covered. Perfect for hiking, days out or just your everyday walk. Why buy multiple leashes when you can have one leash that does it all?

A Leash for Every Application

While walking you can go from a 185cm leash to a 100cm leash by pulling the leash through the D-ring at the collar end of the leash. Bring the handle back one more time and you now have a 72cm leash. You can then go back to a 185mm leash by just pulling on the D-ring. It's that easy!

It also functions as a temporary check collar and can be used as a tether if you want to tie up your dog for a couple of minutes.

Super Soft!
Our own proprietary blend of super soft nylon webbing is the base to this simple but ingenious leash. This leash really is a pleasure to hold, durable and amazingly strong - We then finish it out with reflective trim for night time safety.

A Lite Version for Small Dogs
This Vario 4 LITE leash has been designed specifically for dogs under 20kg, with 12mm webbing and hardware that is smaller but still up to the same high quality that you expect from EzyDog.

Multiple functions in a single leash
Made from our Proprietary Soft Touch? Webbing
Stainless steel D-Ring - won't rust!