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Ideal for smaller bottom feeding fish including corydoras catfish and loaches.
Scientifically Designed For Success
High levels of marine and vegetable proteins bottom feeders prefer and love
A uniquely balanced combination of nutritious ingredients supplemented with the vitamins and minerals bottom feeders require to support their immune system
The extremely flavorful disc and aromatic ingredient blend will attract even the most finicky eater
Offer extreme digestibility thereby reducing the chances of water clouding
A Pellet Designed With A Purpose
This one-of-a-kind "soft disc" has been developed for bottom feeders who have small downward facing mouths and typically gulp their food
A smaller sized disc offers just the right amount of nutrition for common community tank applications
Scientifically developed to avoid dissolving so your nocturnal feeders will have a chance to properly graze too
When used as directed will not cloud your aquarium water