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EasyBalance PLUS works to maintain healthy levels of essential aquarium water chemistry necessary to keep your fish happy and healthy. This easy-to-use formula regulates pH and alkalinity and reduces nitrates and phosphates. At the same time, EasyBalance PLUS replenishes essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes for maximum aquarium health. One teaspoon treats 5 gallons.
Regular use of EasyBalance PLUS reduces the need for water changes for up to 6 months.

Carbonate Hardness Additive ?????? The appropriate amount of carbonate hardness is added to the aquarium water compensating for KH losses, which occur as a result of nitrification.
pH Stabilization ?????? Stabilizes the pH value on a sufficiently high level, preventing a drop to biologically harmful levels (pH crash) and produces a certain amount of CO2 preventing excessive pH values.
Phosphate Removing Effect ?????? In a standard aquarium (30gal) the phosphate concentration is reduced to zero during most of the 6-month period.
New Feature: Nitrate Reduction with Nitraban???? ?????? Serves as a nutrient for denitrifying bacteria that consume the oxygen releasing nitrogen from the aquarium. On average the nitrate concentration will drop below 40mg/l.
Other Features Include ?????? Production of Carbon Dioxide, the addition of trace elements and a replenishment of vitamin B.